The 12th best trader of October doesn’t take himself too seriously and enjoys trading the financial markets without hurting his head. Welcome to Velislavc.

Velislav, 27, Bulgaria, Front office


Can you introduce yourself (hobbies, interests…etc.)?

I’m an open person, I like to try new things and to meet new friends… I love to play sports like tennis, soccer and more…


For how long have you been on the Forex Championship? For you, trading in Forex is a hobby or an occupation?

I’ve been on the Forex Championship since April last year, it’s a really interesting competition with really good traders in it. Forex is a hobby for me … if I take it as an occupation … I’m sure it will be game over for me :) . Forex is really fun and it couldn’t be learnt… every situation is different and it is an adventure for me.


How did you hear about The Forex Championship?

From a friend.


Is there another trader (in the Championship or somewhere else) who inspires you?

I feel inspired by any trader who is higher than me in the general ranking :)


What was your best trade and your worst trade?

I don’t remember my best trade… but the worst trade is always the one where I forget my rules and just ride my emotions…this is not good in trading :)


What are your trading styles (scalping, trading the trend, trading the news, hedging…etc.) and schedules?

Trend trading is my style…


How would you describe your trading strategy (daily, weekly and monthly objectives, take profit, stop loss…etc.)?



What would be your advice to traders?

Dear traders, just have fun…


Sorry I don’t read any analysis…they confuse me…

Do you check our market news and analysis? If yes, do you find them useful or can they be improved?

Sorry I don’t read any analysis…they confuse me…


Do you have other sources of information? If yes, which ones?

I just check important news on and the economic calendar on


Anything else you would like to add?

Maybe I’m repeating myself…but I will anyway… Dear  traders, enjoy Forex and have fun!