Hear the good words of a young lady who ranked 7th in January.

Enter malkata856.


Valya, 22, Bulgaria, Sales consultant


Can you introduce yourself (hobbies, interests…etc.)?

Music, fashion, science studies.


For how long have you been on the Forex Championship? For you, trading in Forex is a hobby or an occupation?

For four months, still a hobby, looking forward to turn it into an occupation.


How did you hear about The Forex Championship?



Is there another trader (in the Championship or somewhere else) who inspires you?

No. I try to make profit by my own reasonings.


What was your best trade and your worst trade?

My best trade was when I made about 300 pips out of EUR/JPY, and my worst was when I have lost that much.


What are your trading styles (scalping, trading the trend, trading the news, hedging…etc.) and schedules?

Trading the trend and sometimes trading the news.


How would you describe your trading strategy (daily, weekly and monthly objectives, take profit, stop loss…etc.)?

Take profits and sometimes keeping the position opened for a few days.


What would be your advice to traders?

Keep it simple.


Do you check our market news and analysis? If yes, do you find them useful or can they be improved?



Do you have other sources of information? If yes, which ones?

I have  two sources of information – one Bulgarian Forex trading site and one trader’s blog.


Anything else you would like to add?

Have a great day !